Cateshism Administration - St. Thomas Unit

Fr. Nougin Vithayathil


Francis Nettikadan


Prof. Jose K.D

Asst. Headmaster

Sr. Grace CHF


Antappan K.D


Jose Parekkadan

PTA President

Rinto Thomsaon

Student Leadr

Irin G. Alapatt

Asst. Student Leadr

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Annual retreat 2017 march

Bishop mar.Pauly Kannookadan inaugurated the annual retreat at 6.00 pm on 15th march 2017. Chittor t

Onam celebration in Sandvana Sadhan

All the Altar boys and junior choir members celebrated onam and conducted onam pragrams with the inm

Luminous Cathedral church

switch on ceremony of illumination of St. Thomas Cathedral in connection with 8 days of lent is done

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