St.Pauls Minor Seminary

Diocesan Minor Seminary was started at Spirituality Centre, Irinjalakuda, in the name of St.Paul's Minor Seminary on 22nd June, 1983. On june 22nd,1984, St.Pauls Minor Seminary was shifted to the new site and building. The newly constructed building was blessed by H.E.Cardinal Mar Antony Padiyara. First three years of priestly formation is given here. From 1983 onwards 340 Seminarians were given formation. At present 40 seminarians in three years were undergoing formation. There is a teaching team of eleven teachers in this Minor Seminary. Former Rectors were Rev.Fr.Sebastian Aricatt, Rev. Fr.Jos Palatty, Rev.Fr.Sebastian Maliekal, Rev.Dr.Stephen Chirapanath, Rev.Dr.Sebastian Panjikaran, Rev.Dr.Varghese Palathingal, Rev. Fr. Joby Pozholiparambil.

Rector V. Rev. Fr. Vincent Parayil
Vice Rector Rev. Fr. Joseph Maliekkal
Fr. Animator Rev. Fr. Nougin Vithayathil
Sp. Father Rev. Fr. Anto Chungath
Address St.Paul's Minor Seminary, Irinjalakuda North - 680 125
Phone 0480 - 2829107, 2825194

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