Cathedral Kuries

St.Thomas Cathedral Kuries is a unique kuri institution at Irinjalakuda with glorious reputation over the past 168 years of dedicated and meritorious service. It is one of the oldest kuri institution in the state. Irinjalakuda has always a proud place in the cultural map of Kerala. It is well known for religious harmony and traditional arts. It is also an educational and cultural centre. It is one of the oldest municipalities of our state. And of course, St. Thomas Cathedral Kuries has played a great role in the development of Irinjalakuda to the present financial, cultural and educational zenith. The kuri office is situated at the new shopping complex of St. Thomas Cathedral facing Kodungallur-Thrissur road and is in front of the Bishop's House. With its motto of the welfare of the subscribers, the kuri institution is scaling greater heights with the support and the blessings of thousands of subscribers who have found solace and succour at the institution in times of hardest financial crises in their lives, let it be marriage of their daughters, health hazards, construction of house or purchase of a house plot.

His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Pauly Kannukkadan, the Bishop of the diocese of Irinjalakuda is the Patron of the institution. V. Rev. Fr. Joy Kadambatt, Vicar of St. Thomas Cathedral, is the President. The Institution is owned by St. Thomas Cathedral and is administered by the Church Committee appointed by the Bishop of Irinjalakuda for a period of three years each. It has branches at Faridabad and Chalakudy. Arrangements are made for daily collection of kuri amount in Irinjalakuda and Chalakudy Town areas. A well qualified team of faithful and dedicated staff serve the institution in a fully computerised kuri office in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the Management and the instructions passed on to them.

At present there are 40 running kuries including monthly, poovil and half yearly. The institution is catering to the needs of all sections of society and has been able to win their trust and co-operation over the years. St. Thomas Cathedral Kuries has been able to serve the people of all castes and creeds in a very sincere and dedicated manner. The income from the company is utilized mainly for humanitarian services. Money has a vital role to play in every aspect of human life. Banking system which is expected to meet the financial needs of the common man, has not yet come to the door steps of the laymen. At this juncture kuries become inevitable.

Kuri business is a mutual aid money transaction in which the investor and the borrower are simultaneously benefited. Kuri is a deep rooted financial exchange system in the economy of Kerala and it has an indispensable and inevitable role in the well-being of everyone. Chitfund system has made it easy for ordinary people to get financial assistance without the innumerable formalities of the banking system. By long term chits of 12 or 16 years the subscribers are able to avail loans at the lowest rates. One who intents to save money gets more interest from kuries than from bank deposits. In addition to that, the kuri subscriber has an opportunity of winning the prizes if fortune favours.

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