Liesseux School

Lisieux Cups Irinjalakuda is a Upper Primary only School in Irinjalakuda. It was established in the year 1964 and the school management is Pvt. Aided. It's a Malayalam Medium - Co-educational school.

Lisieux Cups Irinjalakuda has it's own (private) building. The school has total 6 classrooms. The lowest Class is 5 and the highest class in the school is 7. This school has 0 Male Teachers and 7 Female Teachers. There is a library facility available in this school and the total number of books in library is about 630.

This school also has a playground. Lisieux Cups Irinjalakuda does not provide any residential facility. The school also provides meal facility and meal is prepared in school.

Address :
Irinjalakiuda, Gmbhss Irinjalakuda, Irinjalakuda
Thrissur, Kerala (IN) - 680125

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