Christ Vidhya Nikethan School

Christ Vidyanikethan, Irinjalakuda is run by the Christ Educational and Charitable Trust (Reg. No. 449/SRO/E.K.M/2002), under the aegis of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). It strives to realise the vision of Blessed Father Kuriakose Elias Chavara, prominent educationalist and social reformer of the 19th century and founder of the CMI congregation. He was instrumental in starting a string of schools throughout the length and breadth of the state of Kerala, aimed at educating the socially oppressed and disempowered sections of the population. In keeping with the congregations' commitment to the service of humanity in the field of education and culture, besides health care and other aspects of social well being, the CMI fathers of Christ Monastery, Irinjalakuda have built and nurtured Christ College to the stature of a prestigious institution of higher learning, accessible to all. Christ Vidyanikethan represents their foray into the realm of school education.

Perched at the start of a new century, we are at a different vantage point with regard to school education. What are the predominant challenges before childhood and education today? Education is a 'means' to an 'end'. The 'end' is material success, a reasonable aim in itself. But when its importance is blown out of proportion, schooling becomes restricted to 'good examination results', supposedly the best indicator of future 'success'. Success, to start with is academic: ranks, stars and medals, predict career options with comfort and money. These objectives for the 'future' of children looms so large on the mental horizon of parents and schools alike, that the 'present' is totally engulfed. Happiness and compassion as objectives to be attained or traits to be cultivated get pushed out of the picture. Art, music, dance and theatre, all areas of wholesome and enjoyable engagement for the child, fail to get their legitimate space alongside academic achievement in the canvas that constitutes meaningful education.

Christ Vidyanikethan strives to realise the holistic and integrated development of children. Its goal is to
nurture them to be intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated,
physically healthy and socially acceptable. It also aims to mould students as torchbearers of justice,
love and truth. It's ultimate goal is to bring forth a generation of confident leaders,
capable of facing the challenges of the millennium, to give shape
to a just and humane society. The school motto is
'Paramsatyam Tamopaham'
'The absolute Truth triumphs over pervading darkness'.

Communication Address:

The Principal
Christ Vidyanikethan
Irinjalakuda, Thrissur D.T,
Kerala, India - 680 125

Contact Nos.:

+91 480 2830894
+91 480 2821778


For online enquires email to:

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