Don Bosco School

The Beginings
The tiny seed that blossomed into the present magnificent institution known as Don Bosco, Irinjalakuda was planted in March 1962 when Fr. John Med, the Provincial of the Salesians of Don Bosco in South India came from Madras at the invitation of the late Bishop of Trichur, Rt. Rev. Dr. George Alapatt to take the preliminary steps for the establishment of a Don Bosco institution to look after the interests of the youth of the locality especially the Christian youth. In April of the same year Fr. Med sent in his application for an unaided recognised high school to the Director of Public Instruction, Trivandrum.

The first Collaborators
At the arrival of Fr. Med in Irinjalakuda, he was received by a team of generous and far-sighted collaborators who were instruments in bringing the Salesians tc this place. The initiative was taken by Mr. K. L. Francis who got Mr. M. P. Kochudevassy the then Municipal Chairman interested in the project. The other prominent citizens who took an active interest in the project were: Mr. P. V. Devassy Pokkath, Mr. T. T. John, Mr. Lonappan Thaliyath, Mr. PottackalIttikuru, Mr. M. C. Paul, Mr. C. O. Jacob, the late Mr. Kuriappan Ko divalappil and Mr. K. P. Johny. Fr. George Cherpanath of St. Mary's Church and the late Fr. Anthony Thekkeniath, the then parish priest of St. George's Church took keen interest in the matter. We owe it to posterity that these first collaborators are remembered.

The hunt for a site
On 6th May 1962 there came the glad news that the Government had sanctioned Don Bosco High School, as an unaided but recognised School. A fortnight later the admissions began. All those who came were taken. There weren't enough students to choose from. Then there began the hunt for a school site and the results were not very encouraging. But finally a spot was found in the southern part of the town. It was just a paddy field but the decision was taken to put up the school there. A plot of 11 acres was bought at a cost of Rs. 40.000/- provided by the generous citizens of Irinjalakuda and presented to the Salesians. A shed was to be put up but before it could be completed the school year commenced and a shed was provided free of rent in the adjacent plot of land through the generosity of Mr. M. P. Kochudevassy and the classes got off to a humble beginning. Rev. Fr. Anthony Thekkeniath, Vicar Forane, St. George's Church blessed the school. Rev. Fr. Andrew Dorairaj took charge as Rector. Head master and Correspondent. The students numbered 130 and the staff consisted of 4 teachers. T. P. Kunjuvareed Thaliath put his own house at the disposal of the Fathers for the celebration of the mass and for their stay. On 29th June, the school was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus the supreme Master of Don Bosco School. It consisted then of the U. P. section and VIII std. Lessons were imparted both in English and Malayalam. The strength of the staff had risen to 9 by the and of the month.
On Oct. 11th the classes were shifted from the thatched shed to the new building. Rev. Fr. George Cherpanath blessed the building. January 2nd, 1963 saw the humble beginning of the boarding school. The cramped conditions continued for the boarding students till plans were laid to put up a new boarding during the rectorship of Fr. Poonnoly. Its foundation stone was laid on 31st January 1970 and the three storeyed building was completed on May 27, 1971 and blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kundukulam. It offered accommodation for 160 students.

Don Bosco LP School
This section was started in 1963 with a batch of 15 students and 3 teachers.

Don Bosco ICSE School
The school began in 2002 ; affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

The developments happened after 1963 are listed under milestones page.


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